Hi Everyone,

I've been happily painting this Winter on an expanded interpretation of the Nature's Jewels Series. The Ancient Mystery teachings held that beauty is essential to the human soul, and in these gorgeous peony blooms is a harmony and peace that can lift and nurture our spirits.
I feel that this is a much needed haven in the super paced world that surrounds us today.

In this painting I strive to express the beauty and mystery of these flowers by exploring the juxtaposition of meditatively and realistically painted blooms with a freely abstract background.These flowing grounds - and here I have sweeping and energetic applications of gold leaf - surround and merge into the complex peonies.

I fully use the expressive nature of the watercolour pigments, encouraging combinations of granulation, flow and transparency to build images of gem-like richness. I have chosen a stylized palette of colours, playing with a heightened sense of the magic of the image emerging from and blending with the forces of energy that surround us.

My paintings are a celebration of these jewels of nature and of the living dance between them and the underlying mysteries of the world.

Finished Image
Nature's Jewels #10 - Inside The Mystery
Framed size: 31" X 34 1/2"
The Process
Stage I Stage II
Stage III Stage IV
Artwork Details

I hope that you enjoy this painting progression!

Best Wishes to All,