Hi Everyone,

Our cold and snowy winter has been perfect for studio painting time! In the Winter Newsletter I'm posting my creative thoughts and photos that are behind this large and complex watercolour. The title is - Snow Forest. Framed size: 52½" X 42½".

My goal with this painting is to reveal the beautiful, soft morning light filtering through the snow-laden branches and boughs. To accomplish this I've composed the scene with a definite foreground (the large snow covered front tree on the left), a middle ground (the two main pine trunks centre and right), and a background (with the distant view of the indistinct trunk and sunlit spaces).
This all beckons the onlooker into the scene and to the glowing morning light shining through from beyond the forest.

I have painted with many layers of watercolour to delight the eye wherever it lands. From afar the scene unfolds as a snowy, light-filled winter forest. Upon closer inspection the richness of the coloured layers and details are revealed, offering a quiet place of contemplation.

Finished Image
Snow Forest - Watercolour
The Process
Stage I Stage II
Stage III Stage IV
Artwork Details

I hope that you enjoy this painting progression!

Best Wishes to All,